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surge protector in a surge protector

WPX Surge protectors like surge protector in a surge protector are an essential component of power surge protection for your electronics. When there is too much voltage, they detect it and direct it to the grounding wire.

In addition to shielding against lightning, they also aid in avoiding numerous other issues like line noise. They're also much less expensive than a power strip, which is another reason why they're gaining popularity in homes.

MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)

A WPX surge protector frequently uses a MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) component to safeguard the circuit. To provide the protection, they are used in conjunction with a fuse.

Small zinc oxide particles are bonded to two electrodes to create a device that resembles a diode called a metal oxide varistor. Only when the voltage across the tiny zinc oxide particles exceeds a certain threshold do they begin to conduct.

The voltage across the MOV is significantly below its "clamping voltage" during normal operation. As a result, a substantial current cannot pass through the varistor.

A few microamperes of current begin to flow when the voltage across the MOV reaches the threshold voltage, which causes it to begin conducting.

The varistor quickly reduces its impedance during a transient overvoltage or surge, allowing the high voltage to pass through it as current. In order to prevent overheating, the varistor quickly absorbs and dissipates the surge energy.

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