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AC SPD WPX-MPA120-385/3+N

AC SPD WPX-MPA120-385/3+N

Product introduction:AC surge protection WPX-MPA120-385/3+N surge protective device is for protecting low-voltage consumer’s installations against indirect lightning discharges and is to be installed in LEPM zone: LPZ1 - LPZ2 as per IEC 62305.

Product application:It is suitable for being used in TT, TN-S, and low voltage AC distribution system and provides B class surge protection for three phase power supplies.

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Model NumberWPX-MPA120-385/3+N-FMWPX-MPA120-385/3+N
SPD according IEC61643-11/GB 18802.1/EN 61643-11Class II/Type 2Class II/Type 2
Applicable power supply systemTT/IT/TNCTT/IT/TNC
Modes of protectionL1/L2/L3-N,-PEL1/L2/L3-N,-PE
Rated Working Voltage Uo230V/400V~230V/400V~
Maximum nominal operating current (series)125A125A
Max Continuous Operating Voltage Uc(L-N)385V~385V~
Max Continuous Operating Voltage Uc(N-PE)260V~260V~
Nominal Discharge Current In(8/20μs) (L-Ν)60kA60kA
Μax Discharge Current In(8/20μs) (L-N)120kA120kA
Impulse Discharge Current Iimp(10/350μs) (N-PE)50kA50kA
Μax Discharge Current In(8/20μs) (Ν-PE)150kA150kA
5kA, Voltage Protection Level Up(L-N)≤1.4kV≤1.4kV
20kA, Voltage Protection Level Up(L-N)≤1.8kV≤1.8kV
In Voltage Protection Level Up(L-N)≤2.5kV≤2.5kV
In Voltage Protection Level Up(N-PE)≤2.5kV≤2.5kV
Response Time tA (L-N)≤25ns≤25ns
Response Time tA (N-PE)≤100ns≤100ns
Max. mains-side Overcurrent Protection(L)400A( gL/gG)400A( gL/gG)
Cross sectional area for wiring terminal connected to conductorStranded:4~25mm²Stranded:4~25mm²
Cross sectional area for wiring terminal connected to conductorSolid Wire:4~35mm²Solid Wire:4~35mm²
Operating Temperature Range(in parallel)-40℃...+80℃-40℃...+80℃
Operating Temperature Range(series))-40℃...+60℃-40℃...+60℃
Relative Humidity≤95%(25℃)≤95%(25℃)
Atmospheric Pressure86kPa...106kPa86kPa...106kPa
Working Frequency42Hz...68Hz42Hz...68Hz
Torque: wiring terminal/remote signaling interface2.5Nm/0.25Nm2.5Nm/0.25Nm
Enclosure materialUL V-0UL V-0
MountingDIN 35mm railDIN 35mm rail
Degree of protection(IP code)IP20IP20
Max. Cross-sectional Area For Remote Signaling Interface1.5mm²---------
Intensity of Remote Signalling Alarm ContactAC:250V/ 0.75A 125V/ 3A---------
 DC: 30V/ 2A---------
Diagram of dimensions




-The core parts are metal oxide varistor components with high discharge capacity.

-Low residual voltage and quick response

-Reliable control thanks to Thermo Dynamic Control disconnector.

-With remote signaling contact for control device.

-Fault indication via red mark in the inspection window.


Worktime:8:00 ~ 17:00


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