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Service life of the surge arrester

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Service life of the surge arrester 

With the improvement of people's awareness of lightning protection, the use of lightning protection device is becoming more and more popular. Then, when choosing to use the lightning arrester, an important factor will also be considered, the service life of the lightning arrester. What are the factors related to the service life of the lightning arrester? Let's break it down briefly:

The service life of the lightning protection device is related to many factors, in addition to the quality of the product itself, if the sealing effect is not good, resulting in moisture or other external factors, will lead to damage to the lightning protection product, thereby reducing the service life of the lightning protection device.

The aging of the lightning protection valve plate is also a key factor affecting the life. Due to its load, continuous current, poor stability of the operating characteristics, may suffer from transient overvoltage hazards and other reasons, accelerate valve plate aging, life is not long, generally 7 to 10 years, and even only 3 to 5 years.

The valve disc of the lightning protection device is subjected to grid voltage for a long time, harsh working conditions, low voltage at the inflection point, large operation frequency, and may also suffer from transient overvoltage hazards, temperature and thermal damage and other reasons, which rapidly accelerates the aging of the valve disc and has a short life.

The new WPX lightning protection device ensures that the valve disc is only subjected to high voltage during the overvoltage protection action for a very short time (100μ In other cases, the valve plate for the power grid voltage, or in an isolated state (pure gap), or in a low potential state (composite gap resistance voltage), greatly improve the long-term working conditions of the valve plate, but also from the transient overvoltage harm and temperature thermal damage, to ensure that the valve plate temperature does not exceed 55℃, so as to ensure that the lightning protection device life of more than 20 years.

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