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Familiar With The Principles Of Monitoring And Lightning Protection Can Scientifically Protect Against Lightning

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Many emerging lightning protection companies in the major lightning protection industries advertise that a certain product is a must-have weapon for lightning protection. In the promotion, naming the theory of a certain authoritative person, regardless of the application scope of the theory, strengthens the stereotypes of consumers and producers. In practice, it is not uncommon for the installation of lightning protection equipment to cause multiple points of the system to be grounded, "introduce interference", or even burn down the equipment. In front of the problem, it is completely messy, where is the problem? No one cares about it, and instead of finding out the root problem, new products are continuously developed, but the problem cannot be solved. Let me ask, is it a problem with lightning protection equipment products? Or is it a problem of improper application design and construction? Or was it misinformed and misled? If there is no further understanding of the lightning protection of the monitoring system, no matter how much lightning protection equipment is produced, it will only increase in quantity without a qualitative leap, and the lightning protection technology of the monitoring system will not be able to develop forward. The following is aimed at The lightning protection problem of the monitoring system is analyzed as follows.

First of all, we need to clarify a key issue. What should be the relationship between the lightning rod for monitoring system lightning protection and regional lightning protection and the lightning protection system for building lightning protection? Is it an independent relationship of equal, same nature, or a subordinate relationship? The monitoring system belongs to the weak current system, and it should be placed under the effective protection of "area lightning protection lightning rod and building lightning protection lightning protection system" (hereinafter referred to as "area lightning protection"). In a thunderstorm, should a "person" also be equipped with a "lightning rod" and connect a lightning protector "connected to the earth" to discharge the "lightning current"? This is called courting death by lightning. The essence of "regional lightning protection" is also "lightning induction", which is to softly discharge the cloud charge in advance to avoid the formation of lightning discharge. Therefore, reliable "regional lightning protection" is the basis for the safe operation of the monitoring system and the "protective umbrella" for the safe operation of the weak current system.

Secondly, the monitoring system only needs to consider the protection of lightning induction pulses, and the transmission equipment should have such "anti-surge protection measures" and anti-ground loop protection measures.

At the same time, the monitoring system should be far away from the "lightning protection" equipment and the grounding point of the lightning protection, and should not be connected with the "lightning protection" equipment; one thing that must be noted is that the monitoring system uses a "lightning protection device" and should not form a "multi-point grounding" error, that is, Under normal conditions, the connection of the "lightning protector" to the ground should not cause the video signal ground to be directly "connected to the ground" at the same time. Only in the case of lightning, the induced current can be released instantly by breaking down the discharge tube of the lightning protector.

In short, the view that the more "grounding points" the video surveillance system has, the better is an essential wrong view.

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