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RS485/422 Signal SPD WPX-BMSB-T4-5K

RS485/422 Signal SPD WPX-BMSB-T4-5K

Product introduction:10Mbps transfer rate; 5V voltage; 4 line in; 4 line out; SE protection

Product application:Suitable for Industrial Automation

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Model NumberWPX-BLSA-T4-5K
Art No.
Operating Temperature Range-40℃~80℃
Relative Humidity≤95%(25℃)
Atmospheric Pressure86~106 kPa
Working Voltage( Uo)5V
DC Max. continuous operating voltage(URCR)6V
Max Working Current IRL0.8A
Protection ModeL1/L2/L3/L4-SE;L1-L2;L3-L4;SE-PE
C2 Total nominal discharge  current(In)20kA
C2 Nominal discharge current per wire(In)5kA
Total nominal discharge current C2 -PE(In)20kA
Nominal discharge current per wire C2-PE(In)5kA
Voltage protection level wire-wire (UP)≤30V
Voltage protection level wire-PE(UP)≤30V
Voltage protection level wire-wire 1kV/μsC3(UP)≤20V
Voltage protection level wire-PE 1kV/μsC3(UP)≤20V
Response time(tA)≤1ns
Insertion loss(10MHz)≤0.5dB
Insulation resistance≥0.4MΩ
Series impedance2.2Ω
WiringSpring compression terminal
Wire range of terminal0.2mm2-2.5mm2
Enclosure materialAluminum alloy
Installation placeIndoor
Degree of protectionIP20
Mounting35mm rail

Diagram of dimensions




The control signal SPD apply to lightning surge protection of computer data interface or automatic control system, instruments and meters, data system electronic equipment, anti-theft system on and off data line and power. Apply to the lightning surge protection of 4 core signal line.Adopt international brand core components, with reliable quality, multi-level protection, low residual voltage, fast response time. Adopt principle of discharging, clamping and voltage stabilization to realize effective and reliable anti-shock high-voltage pulse and accurate clamping voltage.With low-volume design, excellent transmission performance. Large discharge current, low insertion loss, no interference and long working life. Small size, simple installation. Apply to the lightning protection of monitor PTZ control, decoding circuits, access control data line, video intercom, card, and fire alarm lines, data transmission lines, instrumentation lines, various audio signal transmission cable, infrared shooting.


Worktime:8:00 ~ 17:00


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