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Power strip WPX-SPA104-1.8

Power strip WPX-SPA104-1.8

Product introduction:WPX-SP Series Power socket SPD mostly apply to ACpower end device lightning protection, can meet the most basic equipment distribution requirement and special power demand, meanwhile can absorb line transients effectively

Product application:WPX-SP,Series belongs to Class C & D. Products designed according to IECS tandard , widely used in communication network, broadcast television, computer room, CCTV, aerospace aviation system field, in addition to surge protection of 220VAC household

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Model NumberWPX-SPA104-1.8WPX-SPA104-1.8U
Art No.731 118731 119
SPD according IEC61643-11/GB 18802.1/EN 61643-11Class II/Type 2Class II/Type 2
Applicable power supply system220V~Single-phase220V~Single-phase
Modes of protectionL-N,N-PEL-N,N-PE
Rated Working Voltage Uo250V~250V~
Maximum load power P2500W2500W
Max Continuous Operating Current IL(in-out)10A10A
USB Charging--------2USB×1A
Max Continuous Operating Voltage Uc(L-N/N-PE)275V~275V~
Total Discharge Current Itotal(8/20μs)10kA10kA
Nominal Discharge Current In(8/20μs) (L-N/N-PE)5kA5kA
Μax Discharge Current In(8/20μs) (L-N/N-PE)10kA10kA
1kA,Voltage Protection Level Up(L-N/N-PE)≤0.6kV≤0.6kV
3kA,Voltage Protection Level Up(L-N/N-PE)≤0.8kV≤0.8kV
In Voltage Protection Level Up(L-N/N-PE)≤1.0kV≤1.0kV
Response Time tA(L-N)≤25ns≤25ns
 Response Time tA(N-PE)≤100ns≤100ns
Max. mains-side Overcurrent Protection(L)16A( gL/gG)/(No need)16A( gL/gG)/(No need)
Cross sectional area for wiring terminal connected to conductor3×1.0mm²3×1.0mm²
Operating Temperature Range-40℃...+80℃-40℃...+80℃
Relative Humidity≤95%(25℃)≤95%(25℃)
Atmospheric Pressure86kPa...106kPa 86kPa...106kPa
Working Frequency42Hz...68Hz42Hz...68Hz 
Enclosure materialAlloy plastic/UL V-0Alloy plastic/UL V-0
MountingMobile SocketMobile Socket
Degree of protection(IP code)IP20IP20
Range of Applicationhome applicationhome application
Diagram of dimensions


Simple structure and easy installation, small and light;

Overheat protection;

Operating indicationand thermal separation;

IP20, UL94 V0


Worktime:8:00 ~ 17:00


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